Developing your company’s natural leaders to become future directors and partners

Preparing leaders to make your organisation’s big decisions...

In order to progress and grow, an organisation must identify its future decision makers as early as possible. By developing and nurturing those who show leadership qualities ahead of time, you can ensure your business evolves naturally whilst you retain your best talent. This means you can save on recruitment costs and keep the people who understand and share your vision by your side.

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What does the Rise programme include?

Running over several months, Rise utilises a variety of processes and tools to help individuals develop the skills required to successfully lead teams at a senior level.

We work extensively with each delegate to ensure that they understand themselves more effectively. Our expert coaches focus on emotional intelligence and outline the science of making quality decisions under pressure. We’ll then include further psychometric assessments to help delegates understand where specific skill development may be beneficial.

Rise helps each individual learn techniques for articulating strategic vision, methods to help with delegation, and ways in which they can lead change. We also show your team members how to problem-solve using tools such as Force Field Analysis and de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

Created for senior staff who are:

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Acknowledge them. Prepare them

A bespoke, advanced programme designed and facilitated to meet every one of your needs

Rise, designed to provide the extra 20% that makes the real difference

Although the framework for the programme is in place, we can tailor it to perfectly fit your requirements. This means we can create a solution that is truly bespoke to you.

The cost varies depending on the size of the group, the duration, and how many elements of the programme we run.

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