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Future planning in tough times

The Covid-19 crisis has plunged many businesses into a period of uncertainty, but the only way to recover post-pandemic is to have a clear plan. Your workforce needs to have confidence in your leadership, as well as knowing they are valued and appreciated.

Don’t ignore the introvert

It’s reported half of the UK workforce consider themselves to be introverts. Yet research suggests that they feel undervalued and their opinions go unheard.

Company culture is crucial

It's when times are tough that a company culture truly shows itself. Either it shines, or it's exposed.

L&D in a crisis

The business world - along with everyone else - is currently experiencing a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The effects of which will be felt for some time to come. Yet it is how a company responds to this that sets them apart.

Mentors, not managers

How millennials are changing the work environment.

Investing in your staff - Risk v reward

Those running a business are constantly making decisions based on risk versus reward. Many view investment in staff in this way - 'what if I invest in them and then they leave?'

Future Fit

The workplace has changed drastically over the past few months, but now is the time to embrace that and turn it into a positive.

Internal Communications

We look at the potential issues that might have arisen during the crisis and why communication is one of the most important things to a business.

The importance of resilience

Being able to make quick decisions in the workplace is often key. Learning to deal with this pressure requires resilience.

Retaining the best staff

A discussion on how to provide engagement and make your team feel valued and challenged.

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