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To assess, or not to assess

In a world where recruiting the right people at the right time is now more important than ever, more and more organisations are waking up to the reality that the way they’ve always done it is far from the best way going forward.

Do Managers Work?

Organisations fail to pick high-talent managerial candidates 82% of the time. A shocking statistic. Why is it happening and how can you make sure you recruit top quality managers?

What will your life look like??

At a time when remote working has been forced on us, where will you be working from this time next year? What’s the future for any of us? Our senior coach, Peter, gives his view...

Would you hire a Micromanager?

Most of us have been affected by the dreaded micromanager, the one who just has to keep looking over your shoulder and constantly checking up on you. Do you enjoy that type of management, we certainly don’t? Is there a better way, of course there is!

Why Bother Developing People?

Peter started as a PE teacher, worked in the public and private sectors and ran his own business – he’s worked with all types of people. He’s coached, trained, mentored, people of all ages. What’s the point, why bother? Read on and you'll find out why he thinks it’s worth it...

Strong culture retains talent

More than a third of people would turn down the perfect role if the company culture was wrong. Therefore, those organisations who want to attract and retain the best talent must take the time to ensure theirs is right. And there are a few things that can help them achieve that.

Unlocking your hidden talent

The future of a business isn’t about headhunting for solutions, but developing the talent already within. Those organisations willing to commit to the skills development of their workforce will be the ones that succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

How to lead remotely

As the country prepares for a second national lockdown, remote working is becoming the ‘new normal’ for so many of us. In the first episode of our new podcast series, ‘Leading Between The Lines’, our guest shared his expertise on what tools and skills are required for good remote leadership.

Turn organisational transformation into a positive

In a business world where change is constant, how do leaders create an environment and culture where employees feel energised by it, rather than exhausted?

Supporting those who remain after redundancies

Redundancy is understandably hard for those who experience it - but what about those left behind? 'Survivor syndrome' is a common occurrence in a business after a restructure. Good leaders need to know how to deal with that.

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