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The importance of psychological safety

How much do you know about the value of psychological safety at work? Not enough businesses place value on this, when in fact, it should be their number one priority. By believing in people and giving them the space to make mistakes in an attempt to express themselves, you're giving your business the best chance possible to fly!

Benefits of individual and team based coaching

We outline some of the benefits coaching can bring, from improving communication and engagement between team members, to ensuring people feel that they're valued and have been given the time and space to learn and grow.

Are you a great manager?

In our latest blog post, performance coach and programme facilitator Peter Thorp explains why it's so important that managers truly care about the people in their team. Using one high profile example, Peter outlines just how vital it is that managers are enthusiastic and dedicated to understanding the people they manage.

Are psychometrics worth it?

In this blog post, AIG performance coach and programme facilitator Peter explains the importance of psychometrics within business. Read this Q&A with Peter where he discusses why companies use psychometrics and how they can be implemented to help develop people and teams.

Hiring Potential

We're delighted to share this week's blog post with you, guest-written by Linda Höglund and Johan Wingren from the People & Culture Team at Zimpler. The pair share Zimpler's innovative recruitment methods, explaining how they work to get the best people possible that perfectly fit in within the business.

Attracting & Retaining Talent

One of the most important tasks of growing a startup is hiring the right talent. Another is making sure they stay. Read on to learn our thoughts on the best ways to attract and retain ideal talent.

Leading the Right Way

We are excited to share this week’s blog, guest-written by Thomas Forstner. Thomas is Head of People & Talent at Juro, a fast growing contract automation platform. In this blog, he shares his experience on the do’s and don’ts of working as a People and Talent lead.

The Purpose of Purpose

If your employees don’t believe their job is meaningful or bringing purpose to their lives, they will leave. Read on to find out how you can share the purpose of your organisation with your people to create company loyalty and other benefits.

Importance of Job Satisfaction

Few may realise that manager-employee relationships can make or break job satisfaction. Read on to see how these relationships, overall job satisfaction and company success can be improved.

Potential mistakes during hypergrowth

Despite the hectic environment of a fast-growing company, it is important to still focus on the internal development of your people and company culture. Here, we outline some mistakes that could be made during hypergrowth, and how to avoid them.

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