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Professional development is key to retaining top talent

Professional development is key to retaining top talent. The stats all say so! Employees value personal development above all else and by providing your team with the chance to flourish and grow, you can allow them to feel fully engaged and valued at work. Find out more about personal development, and its role in staff retention, by reading today's blog post.

Solving issues to boost company culture

As a new start-up or scale-up business continues to grow, new problems will often arise. In order to maintain a strong company culture, it’s important that business leaders are aware of issues and work to solve them as quickly as possible.

Making time for the unexpected

It would appear that busyness has become a badge of honour for some. However, as far as we see it, success is not measured by how much we cram into our days. It's more important to move towards the kind of life we want to lead. Rosanna, our executive coach at AIG, discusses the art of slowing down and embracing uncertainty in order to see what different opportunities might present come our way.

Good leaders display empathy

Research has revealed exactly what employees want from their leadership teams. And we're starting to see a move in the right direction as company leaders start to communicate in a less traditional, more personable manner. This more empathetic approach is a welcome change for employees as leaders engage better with their team members and motivate them further. Read this blog post to find out more about how this approach can impact your business.

Agile Leadership

There are many challenges that leadership teams at fast-growth companies. These hurdles can slow teams down, impact the decision-making process, and prevent continued growth along the way. Head of People and Culture at Joint Academy, Sara Stjernquist recently spoke on our Leading Between the Lines podcast about some of these challenges, and we've invited her back to talk about some of the points she raised in this week's guest blog post.

Living in the moment

Do you become too fixated on an end goal? Can your objectives and targets dictate how you live your life? Well, perhaps it's time to take a step back and live in the here and now. This week's blog post talks about just that. Rosanna, our executive coach at AIG, discusses the things you can do to ensure that you don't become blinkered as you march towards your destination, allowing you to uncover new, unexpected paths along the way.

Going with the flow

Did you know that over-scheduling can be detrimental to our sense of enjoyment? You can plan ahead and get excited about doing all of your favourite things, but in planning too rigidly you can lose some of the magic. In this piece Rosanna explains how you can maximise your enjoyment and productivity all whilst achieving a true sense of spontaneity.

Facing our fears

In this blog post our Executive Coach at AIG, Rosanna, talks about how facing your fear and allowing others to face theirs is the perfect way to help team members realise their potential and contribute to the best of their ability. Read on to find out about some of the steps team leaders can take to ensure that people feel comfortable asking questions and have the time and space to find their own path.

Culture Before Everything

In this week's blog post Switchee's Head of People Olya Yakzhina answers some questions about company culture and staff retention. A previous guest on our podcast series, we invited Olya back to discuss some points she raised in her episode. Olya talks about how fast growth companies can implement and preserve a good company culture whilst carrying out excellent recruitment and maintaining staff retention.

Founders who use coaches see growth soar

Company founders have an abundance of talent and huge motivation. It's why they've been able to take an idea and develop it into a fast-growing business. However, they're not always as well-equipped as they could be to take their business to the next level. We outline the reasons why coaching can help those at the very top of these startups thrive long into the future.

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