Are your team truly engaged?

Recent research from analytics firm Gallup has thrown up some fascinating statistics! For example, did you know that only 21% of the world’s employees are fully engaged at work? Were you also aware that actively disengaged employees cost their organisation a huge 34% of their salary? This shows just why employee engagement is so vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

team engaged

Are your team members fully engaged at work? Because the statistics imply that a lot of individuals across a lot of sectors are not. Engagement is the psychological commitment to work, and research has shown that a lack of engagement can be costly for all organisations.

Recent research from analytics firm Gallup was very interesting indeed. Gallup stated that:

These statistics really do show how vital employee engagement is. 

Good engagement doesn’t just save you these losses. Good engagement also drives an organisation on with purpose. It ensures leaders can set priorities and those working with them are aware of what’s required and actively work towards these specific targets. Good engagement means people see the purpose of their work and build valuable relationships with those around them, strengthening bonds and looking out for one another. Good engagement allows team members to feel valued, knowing their managers care about what happens to them. All of this combined is of the greatest value to any organisation.

Add to this the fact that truly engaged employees are more knowledgeable and attentive, taking personal ownership of ensuring that customers and clients are getting the service they desire, and you really start to see the importance engagement has for businesses of all sizes.

Written by Adam Rowden, creative copywriter at alterniq inspired growth


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