Why should you focus on upskilling & reskilling?

Did you know that 59% of L&D experts state that upskilling and reskilling is their number one priority? Why is that the case? Well, it's no longer enough to only have the skills required to perform your role. Team members now need to have a wide and varied range of skills so they can become versatile and thrive in the modern work environment.

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Traditionally, learning and development (L&D) teams across a wide range of industries have had two main goals. They are:

  1. To provide workers with the skills they need to do their job.
  2. To equip these individuals with the skills required to move up in their careers and help serve the needs of the organisation.

These two driving factors still play a huge role in L&D, however, the ever-changing professional landscape makes things a lot tougher.

Today, the skills that people need to do their job are constantly changing. Not only this, but the way people move roles within an organisation is also changing, as less people follow the more traditional routes upwards.

Workers now need to learn and adapt all the time. It’s no longer enough for them to learn how to do their role and then rest on their laurels.

We feel that these changes explain perfectly why 59% of L&D experts state that upskilling and reskilling is their number one priority.

Upskilling and reskilling helps individuals become versatile and able to grow, which can help them thrive in the modern work environment. This doesn’t just help that specific team member, but, over time, it benefits the business as a whole.

Here at AIG, we’re passionate about L&D. We’ve partnered with numerous forward-thinking companies, providing development services to their teams, including workshops, coaching, seminars and facilitation.

Written by Adam Rowden, creative copywriter at alterniq inspired growth

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