The true value of learning

By creating a culture of learning, a company can help individuals within the organisation to see the true value in developing their skills. As this urge for self-betterment spreads within a business, more and more people will strive towards personal growth, which can only be a good thing for the company!

Learning culture at work

If a company invests time and resources into creating a culture of learning, they will reap the rewards long into the future.

Not only can you help your team to learn new skills, but you can also help them develop a wider understanding of how to learn, which can only be a good thing moving forward.

The statistics back this up. Almost 65% of learners agree that learning makes them more adaptable. This means that the process of learning a new skill doesn’t just help them understand that specific skill, it also helps people learn how to learn.

When members of your team successfully learn on the job, it can snowball into something fantastic. We see this all the time. Individuals can begin to see the value in learning and will want to do it more. Others begin to stand up and notice. And soon, you’ve got a culture of learning, permeating everything you do.

The most effective way to help your team members achieve success in learning is by helping them get better at something they already care about. By helping them improve at something they already understand, they’re likely to achieve better results. Buoyed by these results, your team members may become enthusiastic about their own personal growth, which can open the door for new learning opportunities.

If you’re interested in helping your team members learn a new skill or improve their understanding in an area where they’re already knowledgeable, then you may wish to learn more about our suite of online development seminars.

Our seminars are one-hour long, one-on-one sessions on Zoom that are tutored by a qualified and experienced coach. The seminars cover a wide and varied range of topics such as first-time leadership, assertiveness, time management, embracing change, communicating with impact, dealing with conflict, and many more.

Contact us today if you want to help you or someone else kick on to the next level!

Prices for a 60-minute seminar start from £165 + VAT per person.


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