The Purpose of Purpose

If your employees don’t believe their job is meaningful or bringing purpose to their lives, they will leave. Read on to find out how you can share the purpose of your organisation with your people to create company loyalty and other benefits.

purpose at work

Purpose is personal. McKinsey research says that 70 percent of employees find that their sense of purpose is defined by their work. Thus it is important for companies to spend time making sure their people have a strong sense of purpose at work. The McKinsey report continues by saying that purposeful employees are healthier, more resilient and more likely to stay at their company.

Purposeful employees benefit themselves and their company. Your organisation should work to align your purpose with your people’s purposes. When employees feel aligned with their company’s purpose, there is a greater sense of employee engagement, company loyalty and general good feelings towards the company from their employees.

Work to align the purpose of your company with your employees. Do this by;

Investing in purpose can only be beneficial. If you don’t, you could be at risk of losing your purposeless people. 

By Olivia Wells, an online content writer for alterniq inspired growth.


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