We manage your team discussions and debates with insight and challenge so you achieve the outcomes you want


Facilitation has always been important and now it’s more important than ever as many companies change the shape of their Learning and Development delivery to be part face to face, part online or 100% online.

So what's the difference between training and facilitation?



Teaching someone a new skill or behaviour. Still very relevant and historically face to face


Helping people at all levels acquire, retain and apply knowledge and skills in an inclusive and consultative way

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What do we offer?

Quite simply both.

Some of our delivery is face to face and some is now online. We use facilitation skills to deliver best results for our clients.

All our facilitators have extensive experience with organisations of different types and sizes

Our job is to help people feel good and learn, so how do we do that?


Ask great questions

Great questions = great answers, great conversation and debate


Listen actively

Our job is to actively listen to all delegates and recognise the underlying meaning of responses


Safe environment

Create an inclusive environment (face to face or online) where people feel safe to contribute and good about being there


Encourage active involvement

Sessions are not about staring at each other or a screen, they are about active involvement



Generate a sense of fun and enjoyment, we want our clients to have a great day and so do we


Change direction

Facilitate delegates to change the direction of the conversation when it suits the group and the overall objective, it leads to much more productive results



Acknowledge everyone is coming from their own direction and doing their best


Be observant

Some delegates need encouragement to contribute and others need encouragement to listen to others


Different personality styles

Understand how different personality styles work best and how people feel valued

Whether it's face to face or in a virtual setting, we manage the group effectively by facilitating using the above guidelines and skills.

Talk to us about how we can help you make the development of your talent the most effective it can be.

Our facilitation services start from £1,500 + VAT per day.

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