Individual and team based coaching will always be the gold standard in enabling your people at every level to understand their roles, feel good about their work and exceed their potential

The benefit

Anyone who has worked 1:1 with a talented coach knows this is the quickest and most effective way to make a behavioural or knowledge based change. Coaching provides much more effective results than any other interaction, and companies that make use of coaching see a disproportionately large increase in output from their people.

The International Coaching Federation states that 80% of people reported increased self-confidence after coaching and that over 70% benefited from improved work performance, better working relationships, and improved communication skills.

And with 86% of companies reporting that they recouped their investment on coaching and more, it's clear why smart organisations, particularly fast-growing organisations, use coaching as a major part of their development programme.

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The geographical advantage

Our coaching can be just as effective when carried out remotely as it is when carried out face to face. This suits multinational fast growing companies who want their people to be able to work from anywhere whilst still receiving the best support to help them deliver.

Coaching takes various shapes and is always designed to suit the needs of individuals and the team. This means making use of 1:1 meetings, psychometric tools and situational activities where appropriate.

In our personal and working lives a great coach is a major part of solving problems and finding a perspective to cope effectively with the demands of current day living


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What makes a great coach?

A great coach has three main attributes:

1. They ask top quality questions - Good quality communication is dictated by the quality of questions asked
2. They're an active listener - Hearing is with the ears, listening is with the brain. Listening is a difficult and underdeveloped skill
3. They're empathetic - Empathy is vital. A great coach acknowledges certain situations and the difficulties they present to individuals

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What situations do we work with?

We can work closely with you to help in every conceivable situation. The most common issues facing team members in the current world are: 

1. I'm working from home and I'm struggling with the lack of contact with my colleagues
2. I can’t seem to separate work from home
3. I’m feeling nervous and insecure about the new working environment
4. My relationship with my boss isn't working for me
5. I'm not assertive enough
6. I don't know how to develop my career
7. I'm struggling to meet my objectives
8. I'm worried about stepping up into a new role
9. I'm having difficulties enhancing my management skills
10. I'm feeling overwhelmed and worried about burnout
11. I'm finding it hard to make tough calls
12. I find it tricky navigating relationships at work

We can also deal with many work-based underperformance issues and nearly always find that they are connected to one of the above issues or something similar.

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Why use us for coaching?

There are many reasons why leading organisations choose to work with us. Here are just some of them:

1. Our coaches hold recognised coaching qualifications
2. They have years of experience coaching in organisations of all shapes and sizes
3. Our coaches are qualified to use psychometric tools that are beneficial in helping find a deeper understanding of self and motivation
4. Our coaches are accredited by the British Psychological Society
5. We receive amazing feedback from our client
6. We always offer an initial meeting for free as we know the relationship is everything

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