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We're passionate about helping fast-growth organisations achieve maximum growth for their business and their people. Our expert coaches offer flexible and creative coaching and development programmes designed to help you reach your full potential

Discover and inspire talent, at any level

Most businesses experiencing extraordinary growth have a similar challenge: how to recruit, develop, and retain exceptional talent. Many stall because the infrastructure is not in place early enough and the workforce is not aligned to cope with the speed of growth. This is especially the case at junior and middle manager levels where the skills are not always in place.

Sustained growth only happens when people are engaged and equipped to deal with challenge and change. Our mission is to support fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups in developing structures to help put people at the heart of their operation.

We specialise in identifying, developing, and retaining an organisation's best talent - preparing them to become your leaders and top performers of the future. Our solutions inspire employees at all levels and create an environment where they are motivated to deliver their best results.

What sets us apart...

Our solutions

Specialist and targeted development designed by our experienced coaches with a dual purpose: to grow both the business and the individual

Our team

From the founders to the coaches, everyone involved is passionate about uncovering and nurturing talent

Our philosophy

We believe the right environment and tools will allow the individual members of your team to shine

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All of our solutions are created for you and you alone and our experienced coaches continually adapt their communication style to ensure maximum benefit for every delegate.

Delivery is face-to-face, virtual, or a mixture of both, depending on the profile of your business and the result you want. We are always developing new ways of delivering your message to different types of groups, whether in the same room or working remotely all round the world.

L&D has an essential part to play in every business

It helps you re-engage with colleagues, build your talent pipeline, and then keep that talent within your organisation

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Our values


Impactful solutions

We always make a difference. We get excited by potential and ensure that our work makes an impact for all of our clients.


Building bonds

We build purposeful partnerships with clients, colleagues, and suppliers, working with them to drive innovation and 'inspired growth'!


Resilient and persistent

We push ourselves every day and don't give up until we find the right solution, even if it means going outside our remit.


We strive for excellence

We are determined to improve, setting the bar higher every day to reach new heights.


Dedicated and driven

We get things done. We’re committed to our clients and drive projects through from start to finish.


People first

We create an environment where everyone feels like they belong, empowering everyone so they can do their best work.

Both of our founders have a passion for helping people realise their full potential. With the desire to achieve this, they teamed up with a number of experienced coaches, and created alterniq inspired growth.

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